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Becoming a Master Gardener
& Joining the RCMGA

Becoming a Master Gardener is a journey that starts with a desire to learn and grow. This begins with the application and acceptance process. You start as an intern, until you have met the full Master Gardener requirements. After acceptance as an intern, you begin participating in our comprehensive training program to qualify as a Master Gardener, which covers a variety of gardening and plant science issues, from site analysis and plant propagation to pest and disease management, and much more. Once completed, our scholarship opportunities help make it possible for everyone to get the education they need to become a successful gardener. With the support of our experienced and passionate team, you'll be able to grow the garden of your dreams.

Intern & Membership Information

To apply to become a Master Gardener in South Carolina, visit the Clemson Master Gardener website.

To apply to join The Richland County Master Gardener Association

The Clemson Sandhill Research and Education Center on Clemson Road in Richland County serves as the hub for all RCMGA Activities.

Links to access the reporting system, and guides on using the system.  Documenting your efforts is critical to the success of the Master Gardener program.

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