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RCMGA Scholarship for Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program 

Scholarship Overview:

The Richland County Master Gardener Association (RCMGA) is pleased to sponsor four scholarships: The Louise M. Gantt Scholarship (2); and The Ted Williams Scholarship (2). Each will be awarded annually to four eligible Clemson Master Gardener Course Training Course candidates. The purpose of these scholarships is to assist selected recipients by paying one-half ($150) of the $300 training course fee – a cost that might otherwise prohibit a promising candidate from participating. The scholarships honor Master Gardeners who made significant contributions to both the course and to RCMGA over many years.  The RCMGA Scholarships and selection process are administered solely by the Richland County Master Gardener Association (RCMGA).


Scholarship Process:

Anyone applying for the Clemson Master Gardener Volunteer Training Course may apply for one of the four RCMGA scholarships. Once accepted by Clemson into the training course, those candidates who have submitted this optional application will be objectively evaluated by RCMGA Scholarship Committee, which will then select two recipients for each scholarship. Scholarship applicants will be notified of selection (or rejection) for financial aid before class begins. Once classes begin, scholarship recipients must pay to Clemson the full $300 course fee within a time-frame determined by the Richland County Master Gardener Coordinator. Failure to do so will forfeit both the candidate’s enrollment in the course and the scholarship. On the first day of class, scholarship awards will be announced and each recipient will receive a reimbursement check from RCMGA for $150 (one-half of the fee paid).


Scholarship Criteria:
  1. The applicant must meet all eligibility criteria established by Clemson for the MG Course.

  2. The applicant must be a resident of Richland, Fairfield, Kershaw or Lexington County.

  3. The applicant must attach to this form a written statement that includes (a) a statement of commitment to the scholarship’s goal of continued volunteerism, and (b) an explanation of financial need that might prohibit or seriously hinder the applicant’s participation in the course. The candidate may choose to share whatever financial/personal details (s)he deems necessary to establish eligibility, with assurance that disclosed information will remain confidential. We do not ask for specific financial information, figures or documents, but reserve the right to ask that statements be documented if necessary.

  4. The scholarship recipient will be chosen only from among those candidates accepted by Clemson into the Master Gardener Volunteer Training Course. Scholarship applicants who are not accepted by Clemson may apply again for a scholarship in subsequent applications to the course.

  5. Each scholarship recipient must commit to the following:

    • Successful completion of the instructional MG Volunteer Training Course (student phase);

    • Completion of the MG Course’s service obligations (intern phase) under the supervision of RCMG

    • Membership in RCMGA for at least one (1) year as a full, certified member.

  6. Completion of (and/or involvement in) a specific RCMGA project if requested.


Scholarship Application Instructions:
  1. If you wish to compete for one of the four available RCMGA scholarships, please complete this online application form (and its supplement – see #3 above) as instructed. You can also download a .PDF version here.

  2. Email the completed application and statements to Cathy Beattie, Membership Chair (


RCMGA scholarships are offered to adults without regard to race, creed, gender, ethnic origin, age, orientation, disability or marital/family status.

Specific Criteria #5

RCMGA Scholarship Application for
Master Gardener Volunteer Training Class

1. Applicant Information

​2. Terms & Conditions. 

Checking agree to the terms & conditions apply to each of the terms & conditions below

  • I understand that there are four (4) half-scholarships available from RCMGA on a competitive basis. Each scholarship is worth $150 (one-half of the $300 course fee).

  • I understand that the purpose of each scholarship is to assist the recipient to become a certified Master Gardener with the goal of ongoing volunteerism. If selected, I will fulfill my certification requirements and continue volunteer activities, assisting Clemson Extension in its mission through my active membership in the RCMGA. (See Scholarship Criteria, #5 (links to above) .

  • I certify that financial assistance to offset the training cost is a significant factor in my ability to participate in the MG Course. I am providing a detailed explanation of that need (see below). I also certify that all information provided by me is accurate and can be documented if requested.

  • I understand that I will be notified that I have been selected - or rejected - for a scholarship in time to decide whether or not to enroll in the course.

  • If awarded a scholarship, I will pay the entire course fee ($300) to Clemson University when notified to do so by the Richland MG Coordinator – and within the time frame allowed. Failure to do so will forfeit both my enrollment in the Course and my scholarship. On the first day of class, I will receive a reimbursement check from RCMGA for $150 (one-half of my course fee).

3. Statement of Financial Need or Considerations:

Attach to this form a separate, written or typed explanation of (a) your  commitment  to  the  scholarship’s  goal  of  volunteerism;  and  (b)  why  financial  assistance  is  important  to  your participation in the course. There are no right or wrong answers and no income “ceiling”: You  may be employed, unemployed or retired – but with extraordinary expenses or mitigating circumstances that affect your financial situation even temporarily. You do not have to attach documents or reveal financial or income figures. Please tell us all you think we need to know – the information is strictly confidential.

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